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    I have received jesus in my life as SEIGNEUR AND SAVIOR, in 1981 and my wife a year vise. has the time I poursuivaisma crrière of teacher started since the 1978 and who arretera the the 25 May 1989, day or The SEIGNEUR call me for a full service TIME. in 1999 I get MISSIONNAIRE CENTER OF bretagne IN FRANCE a scholarship to study for parachèver my pastoral formation started in cameroon. Upon my return to CAMEROON I put on a food called missionary Associationcalled CENTER OF MISSIONARIES VOLUNTEERS AND A ASSISTANCE TO EGLISES Working actively to wake the local churches installed in the paralysis réligieux and in the formzation of young people for the mission. this work we have done also in several countries in Africa and From Europe. we have also put a focus entirely particularly in the evangelization and limpplantation of local churches and in the framework for underprivileged social

    Currently we provide the endrement of 7 local churches whose 4 in the city of DOUALA and are currently working in the establishment of three other In the époir read you the next time we wish you to your family and your church success and réuissite on behalf of JESUS_CHRIST

    pastor NKOT Emmanuel

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