• Luc 21,4

    "All those gave their superfluous to make their offering, but it, she took on his poverty: she has given what it had to live. "Luc 21,4


    L'obole of the widow is worth more than all the gold of the rich sponsors of the Temple. Such a paradox is typical of the good news announced by Jesus of Nazareth. This is beyond the logic of the market value of goods and services. Even the logical cumulative fundraising (each piécette account, give!) is lacking. The gift of the widow is valuable, because there is his life.This is his life miserable for the poor widow puts in offering and that God receives as a huge gift. They are our poverty that the Lord research, because our poverty we make real and rights before God. The best of ourselves is precisely what pride and the frivolous we would escape against others. Paradox evangelical! Good news for the poor!

    Rodolfo Felices Luna Bibliste, Îles-de-la-Madeleinehttp://www.interbible.org/interBible/cithare/verset/index.php

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